The Origin of CMB - Lorraine’s Story


Eight years ago my best friend of over 30 years, Julia, was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time we endured many trials together and our friendship grew much stronger as a result. I’m pleased to say Julia is now eight years clear of cancer and going well.


Today Julia is faced with a very different and heartbreaking ordeal. Her daughter Katharine was diagnosed with brain cancer on 6th June 2014 aged 16.


Katharine is determined to conquer this cancer and, along with the love and support of her family and many friends, she has committed to fight for her life with all her strength.


Having battled breast cancer alongside Julia in the past I decided I could not just sit by and let her go through this new ordeal alone. I do not have any children myself so I cannot imagine the heartache Julia is living with this new challenge every day.


From this commitment to help was formed the cornerstone for the Foundation of “Cure My Brain”. The name for the Foundation was created by Katharine herself.


Find us: 

Suite 1101, Level 11, 14 Martin Place

Sydney, NSW Australia 2000



83 292 812 584


NSW Fundraising Authority Number: CFN/23643