About "Cure My Brain"



Many people are still unaware that brain cancer is one of the most lethal yet understudied of all cancers. It is the leading cancer killer for young people under age 39 and children under 10, yet receives very little government research funding.


There are two ends to any scale. At one end there is the wide scale activities of charities that raise funds for brain cancer research to find the ultimate cure to this dreadful disease. At the other end of the scale there is the direct effect on individual families trying to find a way to help their loved one stay alive long enough in the hope that a cure is discovered in time to help them survive.


Many of the on-going research treatments and clinical trials available are not supported by the National Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and without that financial Government assistance the cost of treatment to the individual can be enormous.


“Cure My Brain” was formed with the individual in mind. Because brain cancer is extremely aggressive and currently has a short survival prognosis, we decided the best way we can help is to focus on financially supporting individual families. We fundraise directly for these selected families to help them meet the significant financial burden in their endeavor to ensure that their loved one has every opportunity to try and survive this aggressive disease.


Find us: 

Suite 1101, Level 11, 14 Martin Place

Sydney, NSW Australia 2000



83 292 812 584


NSW Fundraising Authority Number: CFN/23643