We are privileged and excited to announce that we are helping another family in their fight against Brain Cancer

Meet Caleb Scott and his family:

Caleb is 10 years old and from Port Macquarie, NSW. On the 4th of September 2015, Caleb's world was turned upside down when he was found to have a brain tumor. The diagnosis is that he has a brain cancer called Medulloblastoma. Caleb was flown to Sydney the following day to have surgery to remove the tumor.

Medulloblastoma is the most common type of central nervous system (CNS) tumour that forms in embryonic cells, remaining in the brain after birth. Medulloblastomas are typically fast-growing tumours. They form in the brain cells within the cerebellum, which is located at the back of the brain, and controls for balance, body movement and other complex motor functions.


Medulloblastomas can sometimes spread to the spine, bone marrow, lung or other parts of the body.

The survival rate for medulloblastoma ranges from 30% to 80%, depending on factors such as the age of the child, and the ‘risk level’ of their tumour (low, average or high-risk).

Cure My Brain is helping Caleb to have targeted Physiotherapy and meet the costs associated with his treatments in Sydney.

The following story is of Caleb and his journey as told by his mother Suzanne:

Caleb was a bright bubbly 9 year old boy and cancer was the last thing on our mind when Caleb started being sick. We had just lost our 14 year old niece 16 months prior and never did we think it would hit again. When we were told, it completely floored us and suddenly it felt so hard to breathe. For us, the world stopped. We would look all around and see everyone doing their everyday business but ours was suddenly on hold, going nowhere.


Immediately I left my job at St George to care for Caleb and to be down in Sydney with him. Although we knew this meant losing the ‘larger’ part of our household budget, with Rob owning his own business – there wasn’t an option for him to ‘leave’ that job. I had income protection, however they refused to pay it as it was my dependent child sick, and not myself. That was a huge blow.


For Caleb, losing his independence and mobility was really hard. To have to learn to stand and walk again, was really hard on Caleb and he went through some really dark periods.


Our hopes and dreams for Caleb are to keep him in main-stream school, we would love for him to be able to close his eye properly and for his face to be more symmetrical. To eventually be able to get his driver’s licence. Aside from how serious cancer is, our hearts break so much looking at Caleb and missing his smile. We know that we have Caleb here and that’s the best news EVER, but we miss his smile so so much. We wish so much we could get that back. We hope that Caleb will eventually not need his wheelchair and we can donate that on to someone who needs it.


The impact on the wider family is quite massive. Throughout the diagnosis, Blake (18) was doing his HSC, I know he struggled with this and though he got great results, we can’t help but think they probably would have been better in different circumstances.

Jae who is 17 almost has a sense of feeling left out. Dylan who is 14, has suddenly had to become the ‘big’ brother and help us out and Ashton (12) suffers from separation anxiety and has struggled a lot being away from me, and with different structures, environments and routines at times happening. Dylan’s grades have suffered due to being away from school and he’s asked for tutoring to help but we simply can’t afford it.


Sadly our biggest impact is literally finances. Although we were eventually granted a Carer’s Pension from Centrelink, it is in no means close to my salary and having to ‘adjust’ to a considerable amount less – is near impossible when all our bills are exactly the same as before, if not more than before.

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