Saturday December 6, 2014
Starting at 1.00pm

* 1.6 kms *


Conducted in the crystal clear protected waters of Rottnest Island which is situated approx. 20kms off the coast of Perth, Western Australia.

This event was first conducted in 1977 and has been held annually ever since. It is always held on the first Saturday of December and is hugely popular.


Fiona Irvine is a Physical Education Teacher from Ireland who moved to Perth, Western Australia in 2012. Prior to this she has followed her Australian husband and his work around the world. As a result she has taught primary and secondary school children in Sydney, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland, and is now teaching in a Perth primary school. She has started long distance swimming this year and has entered her first Ocean race, 'Swim Thru Rottnest'. Her main challenge is overcoming the threat of jellyfish stingers (common) and sharks (not so common thankfully!)


Katharine Smith, the focus of CMB at this time, is the daughter of her very close friend and Katharine is of a similar age as her own eldest daughter. She is swimming her first Ocean race in the name of CMB in order to help raise donations for CMB and heighten the awareness of this wonderful new Foundation.


Fiona was blessed with perfect condtions and crystal clear water and only managed to have a few brushes with dreaded stingers!


*** Fiona managed to raise enough money for Kat to have her next MRI Scan. Many thanks Fiona! ***

Find us: 

Suite 1101, Level 11, 14 Martin Place

Sydney, NSW Australia 2000



83 292 812 584


NSW Fundraising Authority Number: CFN/23643